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Me2  the Ultimate Mobile Widget Player.

Me2 is a widget player (web runtime) running Google Desktop, JIL or W3C widgets on Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian devices. It can execute widgets from the Web, without any modification or mediation, and takes advantage of the current 220 000 widgets available on the Web while keeping the same PC user experience: multiple widgets on the desktop (idle screen), instant access, online and offline.

Latest news

  • November 2009: ViaMobility selected for Midinvest in Toulouse. Come and see us.
  • October 2009: ViaMobility is speaker at Mobile Web & Applications in London More...
    Mobile Web & Applications
  • April 2009: ViaMobility selected for TEPA Capital PME in Paris. Come and see us.
    TEPA Capital PME
  • January 2009: the Beta Test program is up on Windows Mobile handset. Register here.
  • September 2008: ViaMobility is speaker at Mobile Web Europe in London More...
    Mobile Web Europe
  • July 2008: ViaMobility at Mobile 2.0 Europe in Barcelona More...

    Mobile2.0 Europe
  • June 2008: ViaMobility is a winner of the French National Challenge for Best Innovative Companies. More...
    OSEOMinistère de la Recherche

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