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Me2, the Ultimate Mobile Widget Player

ViaMobility is a specialist in mobiles embedded software which knows perfectly all open and proprietary operating systems constraints. Me2, Mobile Environment Execution, is a universal widget player resulting from this know-how. Web and regular desktop Widgets will be executed on users' mobiles without any modification, rewriting, adaptation or mediation. Widgets can be displayed on the mobile desktop (Idle Screen) or on top of any other application. The execution environment is started during power up sequence as of all mobile phone components.

The mobile universe is fragmented, but the widgets world is also heterogeneous. Even if these small applications share technologies like AJAX, major editors enriched their environments with proprietary features. A widget developed for the Google environment will not run in Yahoo, Microsoft (Vista) or Apple (Dashboard) environment, and vice versa. The ambition of ViaMobility is to support the above e nvironments and make technology transparent for the users: they will choose the widgets which are t he most appropriate to them, independently of the environment.

ViaMobility puts its expertise in Me2, for the user benefits. The product takes advantage from important technological advances in the field of execution environments virtualization for embedded systems. This innovation makes possible the homogeneous management of widgets developed in heterogeneous environments.

Benefits for handsets manufacturers

ViaMobility is a mobile specialist familiar with the mobile phones manufacturers’ universe. ViaMobility brings the proof that Me2 takes into consideration handsets constrains such as, battery consumption, ergonomics, security aspects, application size, etc. Embedding software in the mobile phone memory (ROM), during the manufacturing process, is a challenge already achieved by our team in the past. The processes and the constraints are perfectly known from Viamobility; this is a big difference between us and many other companies targeting this market.

The adoption of widget based service is only possible if the users find there an immediate benefit, if the customer path is easy and if rendering quality is perfect. This is why Me2 is embedded in mobile phones with a set of widgets (weather, stock market, clock, news, etc) which will familiarize the user with the product. In a second stage, the customer can personalize his interface with open market widgets.

Benefits for mobile operators

Me2 proposes to mobile operators a tool in order to control the widgets loaded on their mobile phones. Mobile operators play a role quite different from the ISP, and do not have the same position in the value chain. According to their sizes, the mobile operators fight with different means against the disintermediation which gradually transforms them into simple pipes. Some big groups like Orange or Vodafone positioned themselves very high in the value chain and contribute actively to the contents creation and services. Some see the widgets on mobile as a new risk of disintermediation which would deprive them of revenues from services or advertising. These major operators want to control the widgets distribution on their subsidized phones and they will propose themselves some services based on this technology. ViaMobility helps them to fulfill this strategy.

Benefits for widgets editors

Me2 offers an immediate benefit to all Web widgets developers: their services become instantaneously available on mobile phones without any modification of the code, adaptation, conversion, or mediation. In a certain way, the mobile is richer than the PC: it is possible to send premium SMS or to generate calls to IVR services, which draws up some new business models. Mobile has also sometimes additional hardware such as camera or GPS. In order to benefit from these additional peripherals, widgets editors will be able to develop or upgrade their services by using a function library provided by ViaMobility and integrated into their favorite development environment (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Orange, Netvibes, etc).

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