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About ViaMobility

ViaMobility is a software company specialized into mobiles embedded products. Our mission is to bring to mobile users the best PC and Web based user experience, taking into consideration the mobile market heterogeneity.

Thanks to its expertise of open and proprietary operating systems, Viamobility proposes an execution environment deeply integrated into the mobile, in collaboration with handsets manufacturers, and specifically designed to face mobile widgets specificities.

ViaMobility ambition is to support major environments and make technology transparent for the users: they will choose the most appropriate services for them, independently of the environment.

The product line takes advantage from important technological advances in the field of execution environments virtualization for embedded systems. This innovation makes possible the homogeneous management of widgets developed in heterogeneous environments.

On contrary to the majority of actors in this market, ViaMobility comes from the mobile towards the Web and not the opposite.

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